Lazy yoga and real yoga

This post brought to you by summer of Groupon. All opinions are 100% mine.

Olá! Como tá indo? Do you have a long holiday weekend coming up? Over here in the USofA the 4th of July is almost here so I know so many people that are on ‘vacation mode’.
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This morning yesterday I ran 9 miles with my new water bottle. I’m not in love with it, but it works. It’s actually kinda awkward when I drink from it, but I don’t know if that’s user error or what. apparently it’s rocket science to drink from a water bottle. Don’t judge.

The run was okay, but I was Camisola OGC Nice pretty excited the whole time because I had a reward after I was done!! I hadn’t had a rest day since last Wednesday so my legs were tired and due for a reward.

So, I bought a Groupon for an Aromatherapy Massage. I think massages are what got me addicted to Groupon in the first place – there are so many terrific deals and different options for places all over!!

I would like to consider massages a necessity for anyone training for a distance race, but they are normally pricey. The first thing I bought on Groupon was a massage and I thought it was a revelation. I think the world would be a happier place if everyone got one massage a week. If I run for president that will be my platform.

De qualquer forma. After my run and a quick shower I grabbed a protein Camisola Feyenoord bar as I headed out the door to relaxation city.

Since this was an aroma-therapy massage the masseuse used lemon grass oil. At first I was kinda distracted because it reminded me of Thai food <- that would only happen to me. Ha! But, it was refreshing and relaxing at the same time. I looked it up after since I was curious about the benefits of lemon grass and found this on WebMD, “Some people apply lemongrass and its vital oil directly to the skin for headache, stomachache, abdominal pain, and muscle pain. By inhalation, the vital oil of lemongrass is used as aromatherapy for muscle pain.” After the massage I got a shot of wheatgrass and a smoothie. Ahhhh, feels good all ‘round. I joke and call massages ‘Lazy Yoga’ because someone is stretching and relaxing your muscles. But, I know I need real yoga too! It’s a super important part of injury prevention for runners – actually, it’s important for everyone because it keeps ya limber and is relaxing too. So I bought a year of yoga online. Estrondo. I’m hoping this keeps me honest. So, now I’m busting out some yoga in the privacy of my living room. I downloaded an easy flow class. I love yoga, but rarely go to classes because it’s so much time – 1.5 hour class + driving there + the cost of the class + smelling everyone’s feet = okay maybe it’s my feet, but you get the idea. I picked a 60 minute class and flowed through it to start the day. mole-mole. And now I’m all noodle-y and it feels terrific And now I’m eating oats in a jar, sipping iced coffee and talking to you nice people. Check out Groupon for a deal massage near you. Question: how many massages have you had this year? If the answer is zero and you sit behind a desk all day OR run OR have stress in your life OR use your body OR need to de-stress – you need more.Groupon Envie -me a pasta de trabalho Salvar Compartilhar é se importar! Compartilhar Tweet Alfinete Compartilhar Correspondência Compartilhar keep going with these: Running on Marco Island Florida 2021 Running on Marco Island Florida 2021 Where to Run on Marco Island Florida. Running tips for traveling and summer beach Trips. Florida Run blog and9 razões pelas quais preciso de uma associação de massagem 9 razões pelas quais preciso de uma associação de massagem Massage inveja especiais mensais e revisão de obter uma massagem ou serviço facial todos os meses. Minhas razões para fazer uma massagem Coronavírus para corredores - o que você precisa saber Coronavírus para corredores - o que você precisa saber Informações sobre Coronavírus para corredores. Você pode correr durante o surto CoVID19. Lista de maratonas canceladas ou adiadas D Vestindo uma máscara facial enquanto corre para fora Vestindo uma máscara facial enquanto corre para fora Máscara facial para correr ou andar para fora durante o surto de coronavírus. Diretrizes para usar uma máscara do CDC. dicas sobre ser Tanque de tubarão de chuveiro em esteira e datas de almoço ... datas? Tanque de tubarão de chuveiro em esteira e datas de almoço ... datas? Olá! Como tá indo? Apenas checando com a minha corrida e comer favoritas neste fim de semana! O que você está fazendo? Primeiro Dor nos pés para corredores - dicas e recursos para treinar lesões Dor nos pés para corredores - dicas e recursos para treinar lesões Melhores sites e informações sobre a dor dos pés para os corredores. A dor no pé de corrida pode ser tendinite ou fratura por estresse. CH Shareaholic .

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